Snowshoes and ski mountaineering

Live the experience of ski mountaineering and snowshoeing in the fresh snow

The Valle di Fiemme is the ideal place for those who have been seduced by snowshoes and mountaineering skis

Excursions at high altitude with ski mountaineering and hiking in the fresh snow with snowshoes can be experiences sometimes tiring but always new and unique. Once you reach the uncontaminated peaks or when you are in the middle of the snow-covered woods in total solitude, you can perceive the existence of nature in absolute silence that allows you to reconnect with yourself and your surroundings. What about the return trip back to the point of departure? The relief and the carefree feeling of descending in the fresh, soft and powdery snow. These activities require adequate physical and technical preparation and knowledge of the territory and the mountain environment. It is always advisable, especially for beginners, to seek advice and guidance from experienced and qualified guides.

For ski mountaineering and for snowshoe lovers

Our services for mountaineering and snowshoe lovers

Our services such as ski storage and special rooms for drying technical clothing are at your disposal. We are also available to help you choose the itineraries and qualified guides that can accompany you.

Experience nature
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