Origins and roots

The historical Hotel and restaurant La Stua in the center of Cavalese

To tell our story we have to go back a few years, or rather, a few centuries

In the search for the origins of our Hotel La Stua we immerse ourselves in the magnificence of the Venetian maritime republic. Curious? Yes, curious, but easy to explain. Venice, at the height of its magnificence, experienced a century of great splendour due to the power of its ships, the armaments, the ability of the Venetians to go by sea, the great organization, the acumen of the Doges who ruled Venice, the capital of the world, mistress of the seas, rich and wise.

Not opulent but rational. It’s in the rationality of the Venetians that the history of the Hotel la Stua is mixed. The powerful Venetian fleet needed continuously to be updated, larger ships, there was a need for taller and mightier trees, to support the forces of the winds with more extensive sails. Carbon fibre, Kevlar, aluminum and Alu were not known.

However, there existed in the farthest forests of the Valle di Fiemme, beautiful trees, upright and elastic, which reach heights of 40 and even 50 meters. They are made of a fibre that is resistant to water, salinity, sea weather, dynamically flexible, but also useful and irreplaceable to create foundations in immersion. Venice is built, for the most part, on the larches of the Val di Fiemme. The current Hotel la Stua was for centuries called inn, Hostaria Veneziana. Why? Buyers of timber sent here from the DOGI stayed and signed contracts and found themselves at the Venetian Hostaria. A few steps away from the Hostaria-Locanda Venezia stands, even today, the palace of the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, the place and seat of the supreme administration of the valley forests.

At the headquarters of the Magnifica contracts were written, seals were sealed, and selected plants were chosen to be removed. Payments were made. Politics were made and relationships were woven. In order to restore this ancient charm the hotel has been continuously restored in the last 10 years. Furniture of rare beauty, sixteenth-century statues, centuries-old stones, old paintings and precious sculptures, open fireplaces, stoves of majolica, are today the rediscovered identity of this historical home ... that knew the history, which was realized in history.

The Vanzo family

Hoteliers with tradition

Today it is Ingrid, daughter of Paola and Sergio, who carries on the family business with passion, love and attention to the guests who visit this magnificent place. With great will, ability, availability and attention to every detail Ingrid is dedicated every day to improve the service of the Hotel and the experience of the guests.

Enter our restaurant

This is the secret of hospitality. Making your guests feel welcome and at home. If you do it with honesty, the rest takes care of itself.

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