Salus for Aquam

Hydro massage, Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, relaxation area and herbal tea. A real oasis of well being

After a day of sports, hiking and relaxing and rejuvenated activities in our wellness center. Breathe the scent of our essential oils and our aromatic herbs

Herbs, essential oils, natural products, sauna, Turkish bath, hydro massage with chromo therapy, cervical shower, massages and wellness treatments. The body will be invigorated, the circulation improved, the mind emptied, the fatigue and pain will vanish. We will help you let go of the burdens of your everyday life that you bring with you, to free your thoughts and emotions. We know the importance of the need to unplug and regenerate.

The faces do not change, but the expressions do. Our concern is not the body, but the way it moves. The physical aspect is not important, but it is a person's way of doing things.

Relaxation is the key to a good life... that's why we have created 2 wonderful wellness opportunities!

Access for a maximum of 4 people, even if they are not members of the same family.

Relaxation in a private and exclusive formula with a bottle of Trento Doc and fresh fruit.

All the 2 relaxing emotions are on reservation and on payment.


Purify your body with the heat of the sauna and steam in the Turkish bath.


A sweet and refreshing moment to rebalance the body temperature.


Relax and enjoy a good herbal tea in the relaxation area.

The more our mind is silent, the more the brain is able to produce the substances of our well-being.

The Vanzo family
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