Bio Hotel

We are a Bio Hotel. We care about the environment

Biomasses as renewable fuel for heating

Plant biomass is the material that makes up plants. The energy contained in it is solar energy stored during growth by means of Chlorophyll photosynthesis. For this reason, biomass, if used in a continuous production-use cycle, it is a renewable and environmentally friendly energy resource. Burning gas or diesel fuel to warm us transfers and accumulates in the atmosphere carbon from the depths of the subsoil, thus contributing to the greenhouse effect. On the other hand, the biomass combustion does not make any net contribution to the greenhouse effect, because the carbon released by burning the wood comes from the atmosphere itself and not from the subsoil. Technologies for the use of plant fuels in domestic heating systems have marked great progress in recent years and have reached levels of efficiency, reliability and comfort. The typologies are basically three, based on the three main categories of plant fuels: firewood in logs, chopped wood (wood chips), crushed and pressed wooden pellets (pellets).

We care about our territory, we are aware of the importance of taking care of our environment. For this reason we heat La Stua with biomass.

Cavalese and the Val di Fiemme
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